Recommendation Friday: #30DaysofFavor

Favor wall art
Favor wall art by Joel Osteen Photo taken by: Sheree Moore

Every Friday, beginning with today, I would like to take time to give recommendations across the board of books, songs, conferences/seminars/webinars, messages/sermons/series and anything else that I currently know firsthand that will help strengthen your walk and faith with the Lord.

Today, I wanted to recommend a Facebook Challenge/Teaching that is currently in it’s #21 day of #30Daysof Favor hosted by Apostle John Eckhardt out of Chicago, IL. Every day at 9am CST, Apostle Eckhardt pulls out biblical scriptures/stories and breaks down the different ways to attract the favor of God. Even if you say to yourself, Well I already have favor on my life and don’t need anything more, this teaching/series will give you new revelation and understanding on ways to increase in favor like never before. Just as Jesus increased in favor with God and man, so should that be what we desire and do.

My faith has been so stirred up by this teaching and I want to encourage yours as well. This series started July 1, 2017  and will wrap up on July 30, 2017 so you can jump right in now, catch up on the past 20 days of teachings and be part of this powerful series…#30DaysofFavor.  I guarantee if you listen to the teachings that are about 10-15 minutes each, you are going to get new revelation and see God move in your life mightily.

Have a blessed weekend!


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