The Power of Prayer

Hands Praying Over Bible
Photo taken by: HopeMedia Stock Photography of Shemaiah Telemaque/iadMedia (Creative Commons License)

I grew up in a Pentecostal C.O.G.I.C (Church of God in Christ) where going to church practically every night was my normal lifestyle. Aside from the traditional services set for all day Sunday and Wednesday nights, the other days excluding Fridays were dedicated for the gathering of prayer for an hour. Fridays was the only day that was an all-night of prayer services where we would generally come to church from 7pm – until 7am Saturday praying without much sleep. Our First Lady of the church (the Senior Pastor’s wife) generally would walk around throughout the service and wake all the children and teens up to make sure that we were engaging and taking part in the prayers. As much as I hated going Fridays because of the lack of sleep and lack and social life, I realize now in my adulthood that the foundation that was set on my knees in prayer in my childhood would be the catalyst of seeing true transformation, deliverance and increased faith in Christ.

Prayer is our power source to God. Whether you need grace, faith, defeat over the enemy, strength or a miracle, prayer is your way to access all of these things along with reading the Word of the Lord. Prayer has the power to move mountains, to see our love ones and dear friends saved and delivered, and to see the powerful hand of the Lord move mightily on our behalf in ways that we cannot think or imagine.

Prayer is so powerful and imminent in the life of a believer that the Bible says to pray without ceasing. Our ancestors in the Bible knew the power of prayer too. Peter was falsely imprisoned and persecuted by King Herod Agrippa, but while he was there, the bible says the church prayed earnestly for him and the Lord sent an angel to help him miraculously escape the night before his public trial. In deep anguish, Hannah prayed to the Lord to bless her with a son and the Lord answered her prayer and she conceived Samuel. Elijah prayed earnestly that it would not rain and God answered. Joshua prayed that the sun would stand still so that he could finish the works of the Lord and God honored his prayer. If our own Savior Jesus Christ found it necessary to pray, so should we.

Let’s make a commitment to stay on our knees and pray. Prayer is simply a conversation with the Lord. Even if you don’t know how to pray, we have the Holy Spirit that will help us in our weakness. As you continue to meet God exactly where you are and be open to grow deeper in prayer, deeper in worship coupled with reading the word of God, your faith will be so increased and you will see God’s powerful hand move and bless in you ways unimaginable.

Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I love you so much. I repent for seeking your hand more than your face. I desire a deeper relationship with you and a life built on prayer. Teach me how to pray Lord. Help me to be disciplined in seeking you daily on my knees. Put a check in my spirit when I try and fall back in my old ways with doing things on my own without praying first. In Jesus name, Amen!


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