Favor Decree and Confession

Photo taken by: Jerry Worster (Creative Commons License) https://flic.kr/p/7Jg4CZ

My faith has been so stirred up these past 30+ days since listening to Apostle John Eckhardt’s #30Daysof Favor Series. There was so much practical revelation and ways of how to obtain and keep God’s favor for a lifetime. After the series ended on July 30, he shared a Favor Decree Confession publicly for all to declare that I ‘d like to share on my blog with you. After you listen to each of the 30+ videos under his facebook book on the series, I encourage you to make this confession your own and see your faith increase to believe for the impossible.


I believe in Jesus. I confess him as my LORD. I am justified by faith. I have been declared righteous. I am righteousness of God in Christ. I have been reconciled. I am back in favored status with God.
I am increasing in favor with God and man. I humble myself and receive more favor and grace in my life.
I come boldly to the throne of Favor. I obtain mercy and Favor in the time of need. I ask you LORD for Favor.
I am increasing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and I am increasing in Favor.
I am a giver, and I enjoy Favor. God makes all Favor abound in my life, and I have sufficiency in all things.
My gifts make room for me, and bring me before great men. I have Favor with influential and powerful people.
I release my faith for Favor.
I confess Favor for today and the future.
I walk in divine Favor.
I am clothed in Favor.
I have a banner of Favor over my life.
I am marked by God for Favor.
The winds of Favor blow in my life.
I go from Favor to Favor.
I receive Favorable reports.
Time and chance works in my Favor.
Favor gives me new opportunities.
Favor causes me to see what others miss.
Favor causes me to succeed where others fail.
Favors causes me to go where others cannot go.
Favor gives me second chances.
Favor enables me to overcome opposition.
Favor causes me to break limitations.
Favor expands my borders.
Favor causes me to be enlarged.
Favor causes me to enjoy the best.
I confess and receive Ridiculous Favor.
I confess and receive unusual Favor.
I confess and receive extraordinary Favor.
I confess and receive special Favor.
I confess and receive abundance of Favor.
I confess and receive a free flow of Favor.
I confess and receive an avalanche of Favor.
I confess and receive a crown of Favor
I confess and receive an anointing for Favor.
Let the river of Favor flow into my life. I live under a cloud of Favor.
I have the dew of Favor on my life.
God’s Favor falls on me like rain.
I confess and receive heaps of Favor.
I confess and receive favor with influential people.
I confess and receive the King’s Favor.
I confess and receive Mega-Favor.
I ask and receive wisdom and Favor.
Favor is multiplied in my life.
Favor floods my life.
I sow Favor, and I reap a harvest of Favor.
I will walk in mercy and truth, and I will walk in Favor.
I am one of God’s Favorites.
Favor opens doors for me.
Favor promotes me.
Favor surrounds me like a shield.
This is a set time of Favor for my life.
I live in a new season of Favor.
I am highly favored.
I have financial Favor.
Favor attracts wealth and riches into my Life.
My projects are Favored.
My ideas are Favored.
My career is Favored.
My steps are Favored of the LORD
I walk in the path of Favor.
My life overruns with Favor
Favor is Poured from heaven upon my life.
I receive a down pour of Favor.
I receive gifts and grants through Favor.
Favor follows me wherever I go.
I enjoy a lifetime of Favor.
Favor locates me wherever I go.
I have an angel of Favor.
The glory of God is upon me, and I enjoy Favor.
Favor makes me the head and not the tail.
Favor makes me above and not beneath.
Favor makes me lend and not borrow.
Favor lifts me above my enemies.
Favor gives me multiplied victories.
Favor makes my way prosperous.
Favor paves the way for my success.
Favor makes difficult things easy for me.
Favor makes my mountain strong.
Favor brings the right people to come into my life.
Favor causes people to help and assist me.
Favor causes people to bless me.
God causes things to work in my Favor.
What the enemy meant for evil works in my Favor.
Every curse against me is turned into a blessing because of Favor.
The wealth of the wicked comes into my hand because of Favor.
Favor makes the impossible possible for me.
I have Favor for breakthroughs.
I have Favor for health and prosperity.
I have Favor for thousands and ten thousands.
I will not lack Favor.
Favor gives me discounts and dividends
Favor gives me gifts and surprises
Favor causes bills to be decreased and paid off.
Favor gives me bonuses and bonanza
Remember, the Bible says in Job 22:28 (KJV)28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.
So, Let’s start decreeing this daily and see Favor overwhelmingly come upon us!!
Father God, in the name of Jesus, we come to you with this confession that we make our own. Your word says what we decree will be established unto us so Lord we decree this confession and declare it done in Jesus name. Help us to walk upright in righteousness and humbly seek you daily. Increase our faith and our capacity to receive all you have. We love you and thank you for being a great Father to us. In Jesus name, Amen!

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