Another Confession of Favor

Faith XD
Photo taken by: Samuel Hearn (Creative Commons License)
Just wanted to share another confession of Favor from Apostle John Eckhardt‘s page and #30DaysofFavor to stir your faith.
I have Favor with God and man
I have an Abundance of Favor
I wear the crown of Favor
I walk in the Path of Favor
I wear the Coat of Favor
I drink from the Fountain of Favor
I harvest from the Field of Favor
I live by the River of Favor
I am covered by the Flood of Favor
I am overwhelmed by an Avalanche of Favor
My cup runs over with Favor
I draw from the Well of Favor
I am impacted by the Winds of Favor
I am revived by the Breath of Favor
I am soaked in the Rain of Favor
I live under the Cloud of Favor
I am refreshed by the Dew of Favor
I am a Recipient of the King’s Favor
I walk in Extraordinary Favor
I live with Unusual Favor
I obtain Ridiculous Favor
I enjoy Extreme Favor
I have a Lifetime of Favor
I reap Heaps of Favor
I will never Lack Favor
I always Increase in Favor
I have an Anointing for Favor
I have Gifts that Bring Favor
My Relationships are Favored
I am Rich with Favor
I have strong Faith for Favor
I am Surrounded by Favor
Favor locates me.
Favor follows me.
Favor is my portion in life.
I enjoy Financial Favor
I have Favor in my city
I have Mega Favor
Favor flows out of my life like a river
I sow Favor
I enjoy new Favor
I receive the Word of Favor
I will sing about Favor
I praise the LORD for Favor
I come to the throne of Favor
I walk n the revelation of Favor
I understand Favor
Wisdom gives me Favor
I associate with those who are Favored
I am Highly Favored
Favor is multiplied in my life.



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